Unlocking a new world of artistic potential; It is fueled by pure love and passion for the craft. Hand-processed photographic and digital images. Their careful assembling with materials results in the development of groundbreaking artistic pieces for the world to see. The groundbreaking designs of ALEX TURCO revealed a whole new dimension of artistic development. It encourages its customers to join this important step towards a new horizon.
These all-new ART SURFACES are fully customized, meeting customers' many demands and requirements. It offers an experience. Everything from size, colour, look and design is made to satisfy. The meticulous attention to every complexity makes this possible for any internal or external making it an admirable choice for venue location.

ALEX TURCOs are delivered worldwide from their centers in Italy and the United States. A number of leading international To work with the firm, architect, store and institute, to develop their concepts, designs? and allowing them to extend their methodology to a wide range of clients. This ignited a major trend in interior design, and it all extends to the artistic surfaces of ALEX TURCO. These surfaces enjoy the uniqueness of being the only option with the versatility to be installed anywhere, weather or temperature.

Alex Turco's expertise is a mix of his work in interior design and art.

Alex Turco, art did not play a role in his life. I don't remember a period. father? painter, graphic designer and photography? Turco's creative?c?l??? and artistic look around??? won at a young age??? It was two features.
When he was only 9 years old, ?Best Young Photographer?? He was awarded with such awards. Works? were the prominent ones of many publications and magazines. When I was young, I started to deal with graphic design. even. These early experiences in graphic design still drive him to this day. However, nowadays, more stage and set design, set design? fashion and interior works is doing.
Turco's past and what he got from his father? inspiration were definitely two factors that drove him to success. But what really paved the way for him was his unique methodology for collaboration. Turco, ?a graphic designer thanks to my father? and I started as a painter. says. “I grew up with these from the beginning. But the key to our success was believing in interior design firms and architects rather than art galleries or art collectors. Is this an artist? very different for and it was extraordinary, but it was important. Then our favorite designers? We called, sent samples, and then sent us a request and we'd do the work. said.

Turco now works as an interior designer developing artistic designs and panels. The breathtaking visuals of these panels give them international? gained a large following in the field. Even many of them? much sought after cult items he thinks. Homes, businesses and institutions all over the world have Turco's unique art panels. Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton are some of Turco's respected clients. In addition, your expertise Milan, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Beijing and Los Angeles showrooms? know like international? lent for names.

Inspirations for Turco? When asked, what is your admiration for nature, minerals and fossils? expressed. ?the World for inspiration? believes that there is no better place than the nature that decorates it. He also enjoys looking at the crafts and works of other artists. ?Photographer? David LaChapelle, ?the Italian artist? I love Vincenzo De Cotiis and the fashion house Saint Laurent? he continues. “Since what we do is mixed media, I try to draw inspiration from everything and all artists so I can use it to create something new.”


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