La Fabbrica – Ava Ceramica

Mandarin Capital Partners II, an Italian Private Equity Fund aiming to support companies in their internationalization processes, La Fabbrica SpA took the first step of a project aiming to create an elite cluster of companies by purchasing 100 of its shares in %. Italian ceramics excelled in the promotion of the best products made in Italy in its sector.

La Fabbrica, which we sell as Aksesuar Designis a company specializing in the manufacture and sale of high quality pavements and ceramic floor coverings.Ava Ceramica We have transformed our pursuit of quality into our company philosophy, making our products a value that always accompanies our products from design to production, sales, research laboratory to production facility and widespread distribution. Sales network in Italy and abroad. Our goal of continued improvement has enabled us to create cutting-edge collections related to design and technology that can meet the technical requirements of architects and interior decorators, as well as the tastes of end consumers. Long-term perspective and dedication, which is starting to grow day by day while establishing its reputation in both Italian and international markets. La Fabbrica part of its corporate mission.

Tuscan marble, with its fine veins and sharp white tones, has been used by artists such as Michelangelo and Bernini to immortalize their work. This uniqueness inspired the I Marmi series, which recreates the perfection of the colors and textures of this type of marble in a ceramic version. The latest digital printing technology is used to create endless surface graphics, creating a collection whose natural feel is always perfectly presented by fresh and original designs.

Ava Ceramica – La Fabbrica  

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