Founded in 1956, Cappelletti srl
is a company that designs, manufactures and sells luxury furniture in classic style.

Cappelletti products are characterized by all the values found in high-quality classical furniture, such as craftsmanship, exquisite finishes, gold leaf and carvings, to which must be added the exquisite precious metal ornaments made by craft procedures, which are the Company's historical and artistic heritage.

They represent the real added value of the collections and
They make Cappelletti products unique and valuable.

Cappelletti specially designs molds in which metal ornaments and designs are made, forged wrought iron by skilled craftsmen.
These features, combined with a global design capacity that covers all areas of furniture, allow to combine the sensitivity of the architects who are called to design with the personality of the final buyers of the environments to be furnished.

The Cappelletti brand is an intuition of Gino Cappelletti, who founded the company in the mid-fifties.
Craftsmanship and attention to detail are the pillars on which the brand is created.

The blend of passion, grace and knowledge has made Cappelletti srl a symbol of reliability around the world.

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The company's headquarters is and always has been in the town of Cantù, in the “Brianza” district north of Milan. T e furniture production has a strong tradition in this field:

“A two-metre-tall Napoleonic general asked some farmers (from Lissone, Brianza) for a custom-made bed. Their ability to create wooden items was well known: in 1806, the first bed made in Brianza was born. From that moment on, development was rapid, people over the centuries
He left his farms to start producing furniture that has shaped a unique culture that is recognized and appreciated all over the world.”

Cappelletti srl follows the same path:
He always takes into account the brilliant history and unique know-how of his region, while developing groundbreaking designs and innovative products.

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