fiandre Marmi Maximum offers beautiful and decorative solutions enriched with unique color changes and vein effects that are always unique. Marmi Maximum's size isn't the only remarkable feature that makes them comparable to the most exquisite and rare quarry marbles.

Marble Labfiandre It is the choice of the most refined marble by fiandre In order to combine aesthetic excellence and superior performance in a single product, extremely pure tones have been developed in its laboratories, each characterized by light or very dense grains as well as the authentic charm of rare and precious stone quarries.

ancient suggestions fiandre He gave life to the Precious Stones collection. The endless color schemes inspired by marble and hard stones are a reflection of nature. The collection is based on the tradition of marble quarrying, the history of quarries, the influences of mythology and the origin of stones such as amethyst, the sacred qualities of carnelian, the value of malachite, and the ancient origins of amber.

High performance porcelain tile for heavy duty applications. fiandreMaterials created in cooperation with important companies that provide research and excellence are its primary goal to reach new solutions.

fiandre The Exquisite Wood Maximum evokes the magical rituals of nature's transformation. Trees petrify, retain their original woody structure and turn into fossilized jewellery. The surfaces of Eminent Wood porcelain stoneware are inspired by an extraordinary natural phenomenon that creates thin slabs with a unique aesthetic that can be cut with lively “brush strokes”.

fiandre : I dreamed of blending nature and technology. I dreamed of conserving natural resources. From dream to reality, from the desire to protect the nature around us, the idea to create a quality alternative to wood came to me: Essenze dreams are born.

Color, shape, texture. We create elements that architects bend together to improve the world we live in. Knowledge of advanced technologies, sophisticated materials and design trends, fiandreInnovative materials with special coatings transform the light into a dimension where an architect transforms light into a moving sculpture. When the spirit of creativity is combined with the power of excellent materials, an architect can be confident that he can freely express his professional talent. obtained when boundaries are redefined.

Fiandre Turkeyin Accessory Design. fiandre products are exhibited in their entirety in our Istanbul showroom.Aksesuar design fiandre We offer ceramics to our most valuable customers with unique designs and unique touches. Fiandre in Turkey, Fiandre Turkey'also….!

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