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The quest for beauty is part of people's genetic heritage. In Florim, this creator? A new type of product is created by combining instinct, passion and the most modern production technology. Not just beautiful, same? moral at the time, people? designed to make them feel comfortable in their own space. and a low-impact project. We have a long story to tell and a desire to look into the future of beauty, innovation and sustainability.

Lower? brand, all different. Each has a specific personality and definite goal, but they are all the same. beauty profession combined with a single slogan: DESIGN IS OUR PASSION.



Florim is responsible for brands regarding technical quality, attention to detail, innovation and environmental awareness. Then, each brand interprets the materials with a certain philosophy expressed in each new collection.



The pure power of nature comes to life, white and black find new forms of expression

B&W's color duo idea, dedicated to Architectural Design Floor Gres is transforming into B & W_Marble, the new collection of the brand. The color purity of the two perfect contrasts of light, white and black, the veins of the marble. reminiscent of a stone composed of a more or less regular set of elements. pantone? It becomes the background on which he comes to life.



In search of eternal beauty, Rex finds the sensual support of the most precious material nature has to offer. Showy luxury or use of sophisticated materials for a more informal elegance. Rex searches the environment for individual pleasure through beauty. highlight comments.

Those who choose Rex want to immerse themselves in splendor and sensuality. They seek luxury and elegance. Modern and stable? They want style. Every porcelain tile collection has a story. Pattern, different? It describes the stylistic trends that are traditional but matched with the constant reference to warm and inviting atmospheres. Rex is the discoverer of luxury through material. Rare, valuable, and closely linked to humanity's way of life. material, modern ambiance concept?n? It is reinterpreted to express it.


Florim is unprecedented in material and stylistic facades. After an outstanding season in which he took the lead in an experiment, the brand was named CEDIT. restarts. lifestyle? This company, which was created with the desire to discover new expression methods that can characterize its culture, has left its mark on the 20th century scenario with a unique adventure. shot.


casa dolce casa ? Casamood is the Florim brand where quality and creativity find the perfect balance. Project, color search??? It is expressed through the constant dialogue between naturally inspired textural impurities, and the atmospheres of architectural design and interior decoration to create true sensory experiences. Careful scrutiny of each episode blends with an eclectic personal expression in a game based on the contrasts between tradition and modernism. The spaces are designed for the pleasure of modern life. and relax?c? designed according to the simplicity of the atmospheres.



Versatile, dynamic, fresh Cerim products, ?Made in Florim? Guaranteed to give shape to your spaces? your creative?l??? release it. According to your style and personality, all kinds of home environment? designed to finish in porcelain? surfaces. The living space, kitchen or bathroom shows personality and energy. And that's not all. Higher and higher performance? materials, new dimensions, new thickness options and different surfaces make Cerim the right answer even for medium and low traffic commercial applications.




The place where nature meets technological innovation The best of porcelain countertops and complements, finally customized in terms of style and design without compromise. It is available in a choice of three thicknesses (6, 12 and 20 mm) in a unique large size porcelain stoneware larger than 160 × 320 cm, and a variety of coatings, creative is at the service of interior architects to provide flexibility and high technical and aesthetic performance. FLORIM STONE embodies maximum aesthetic and chromatic versatility: a wide variety of styles. The quality of the material, the attention to detail and the technical performance are guaranteed by the fifty years of Florim experience.


Why choose porcelain countertops?



Is it beautiful or functional? Finally, an easy choice: FLORIM stone is the perfect combination of durability, design and customization.


Porcelain plate, pressed? and has been ignited above 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a mixture of natural materials, which makes it resistant to wear, mechanical stress and thermal stress. makes it resistant. Even the hottest pans. It is an easily cleaned material that appeals to every culinary experiment and those that fail. in FLORIM It is resin-free, hygienic and completely safe in contact with any food. The color does not change over time and the porcelain countertop is not scratched.




The neutrality of a single color, the warmth of the wood texture, the elegance of marble or the extravagance of metal. Style is a personal thing and should never be questioned, therefore FLORIM stone guarantees the widest possible attention to detail, stylistic research and tailoring. offers a range of options.


Three different available? Thanks to the thickness option, a single surface, all the elements of the kitchen? It combines style and practicality with functionality.

As Accessories Design, FLOR?M Group Brands? Turkey ? Azerbaijan ? We are meeting with our customers in our Iraqi stores.

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