remains Spain's best-selling kitchen furniture manufacturer

Gamadecor, a company of the Porcelanosa Group specializing in the production of kitchen furniture, lm Cocinas y Baños This year it once again outstripped the competition, as reflected in the results of the latest industry rankings prepared by .

According to this classification, the best-selling Spanish company in this sector is again Gamadecor. The figures for 2019 are drawn from data from the Company Registries and from the firms themselves, and show how the company consolidated its position ahead of other firms such as Santos and Dica with sales of €48,009 million. Distance from Santos in second place with 24,309 million and Dica in third place with 20,990 million.

Founded in 1987, Gamadecor In the Porcelanosa Group karo sektörü dışında faaliyet gösteren ilk şirkettir . O zamandan beri, mutfak mobilyası sıralamasında dördüncü sıradan 2012’de açık ara liderliğe yükseldi ve günümüze kadar geldi. Bu değerin çoğu, şirketin toplam üretiminin %70’ini oluşturan ihracatından kaynaklanmaktadır. 2010’dan bu yana, şirketin iş cirosu tutarlı bir şekilde artarak 2019’da mevcut 48.009 milyon Euro’ya ulaştı. 

Bathroom furniture with stunning designs that turn any bathroom into a favorite space of the house. Elegant bathrooms with character and superior quality, created using Gamadecor bathroom designs.

Gamadecor's bathroom furniture options range from classic to modern avant-garde designs. Spaces that combine traditional and natural materials such as wood with innovative surfaces such as lacquer and glass.

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