Hatria is a company that specializes in the production of ceramic ware, reflecting the Italian design to its products, which has done wonders in the production of all types and shapes of washbasins, floor-mounted or suspended toilet bowls, bidets and shower trays, as well as furniture, shelves, accessories and towel hangers. Hatria, which has a solid history in ceramic processing, produces innovative solutions with its special and unique designs.

Based on the values of aesthetic research, high technology, reliability and tradition, Hatria felt the need to combine a more dynamic and future-oriented conceptual platform. The renewed identity is also embodied in the blue logo, which now features lighter and softer lettering, with a thinner and more subtle stroke, conveying a desire for greater and sustained tension towards the new. The perfect balance of volumes and the elegant perception of lightness characterize the new image of Hatria.

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