Modern designed bathroom furniture Ideagroup is synonymous with quality, a dynamic perspective, research, technology, flexibility and maximum production capacity. Continuous research connects all the activities of the group and innovative bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories results in its creation. This is the group's strategy in meeting the challenges of a growing, demanding market.

Our constant aim is to meet the needs of our customers.
We do this with a wide range of products that are highly competitive in terms of design, quality and price. bathroom furniture We have succeeded through four companies working in perfect symbiosis to respond to the market by offering a full range of products.

Idea is the longest running company of the group. Each in the bathroom It will be practical and attractive bathroom furniture has grown by integrating new competencies and special technical skills to create product lines. idea of bathroom furniture its design is elegant and graceful and ranges from innovative to evergreen classic lines. This flexibility is superior to the company's customers. bathroom furniture It enables them to successfully try materials and technologies that can provide

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