Bronces Mestre SA was founded in 1952 in Valencia, Spain. It started its business as a small artisan workshop dedicated to the manufacture of high quality and design batteries. From this moment, the modernization process begins with the establishment of the most innovative production lines of the time, such as arts and crafts, which never forgets the core of philosophy production.

In 1980 Bronces Mestre started producing artistic bathroom fixtures for Companies with a global presence. Spanish luxury and the passion for excellence behind the most prestigious brands worldwide.

“Today, crystal is part of our brand identity and an integral part of many of our luxury projects around the world,” says Marta Planell. “Swarovski is synonymous with glamor, fashion, elegance, and our design philosophy is based on similar qualities. The result speaks for itself – incredible. ”

Mestre is now synonymous with glamor, fashion, grace. It is a company that has come to the fore with its sought-after brand feature in ultra-luxe projects that have become a reference for luxury projects around the world.

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