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Because the future was built today

Our philosophy is based on designing today's tomorrow's bathroom with the following principles:

  1. In the latest technology, convenience, comfort and health services
  2. daily life? designs that provide maximum personalization and practicality of the bathroom to facilitate
  3. Commitment to sustainable solutions for the future

Daily hygiene is based on the cleanliness and purity of the water. Enter the welfare revolution with NK Concept Intelligent Toilets, a toilet model that provides more personal hygiene, comfort and convenience thanks to its water jets. Self-control technology makes the difference between front and rear cleaning. order, usage range? It also enables three-position cleaning to increase and adapt to each individual. mirror? It also allows regulation of water temperature and three-level drying. Heating for automatic seat upgrade with seat and presence sensor. Night use? for with lighting.


Collection VITAE

Zaha Hadid's latest jewel. A bold design undertaken by renowned architect Zaha Hadid, who passed away in March 2016. His constant interest in the transformation of design, organic lines and liquid? Let him create a collection filled with the skillful combination of forms? sa?lad?. innovation and sustainability.

?The essence of life?

Water is nature's architect. Their movements are therefore the most incredible natural creations that can be seen in the world. This ?s?v? modernity? Reflecting that, Vitae is a complete bathroom collection with enormous aesthetic value. Forms with an avant-garde personality? and dynamic, Vitae offers a future-proof combination of organic elements of innovation and convenience.


noken Porcelanosa bathrooms?, bathroom fixturesI specialize in PORCELANOSA Group company. Since the day it was established, it has been in the bathroom elements, from toilets and tubs to the latest faucets, sinks, bathroom units, showers. to the titles, du? The company is distinguished by offering the best technology, quality and exclusivity to its boats, towel dryers and bathroom accessories.

Accessory Group,  Porcelanosa Group has Showrooms where Noken products are exhibited like the rarest jewelery in the world. Noken Turkey ? Azerbaijan ? Iraq (Erbil-Badat) showrooms are designed with today's trends. are offered to our customers in our exhibition areas.Turkey Noken All of our products are in our showroom in distributorship.

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