Our journey began in 1995 as a local marble crafts company where our founder Marcello Bressan focused on creating the best in artistic stonework. Today, the second generation of the family has successfully continued on this path by integrating the latest technology, blending modern practice with the unique Italian artisanal stonework heritage, opening the door to a new world of possibilities for designers and architects.
We have continually expanded our ready-to-ship product range to include artistic stone mosaics and decors, floor and wall tiles in various sizes, lacquers and innovative textures in around 40 stone shades. Along the way, design around the world for one-of-a-kind projects that push the boundaries of stone design to a higher level of refinement and aesthetics.

For over 20 years the craftsmen at Petra Antiqua have used their technical sophistication and attention to detail to deliver stone designs that are instantly recognizable for material quality and flawless execution. From a wide variety of top quality marbles, limestones, granites, sandstones and travertines, we work with interior designers, architects, builders and their clients to shape unexpected solutions that perfectly match the character and mood of the best traditional or modern designs.

Our process engages the customer in every step of the journey, from design to phased delivery, ensuring absolute satisfaction with the results. After listening carefully to your needs, our technical team will analyze the environment in which the selected product will be installed, advise on the technical aspects of the project and produce a 3D render for your review. During the craft production phase, our team will ensure that a complete stone solution is delivered to the installation site, with all parts cut to size, so the installer can work by detailing the project plan and minimizing stone waste.

Petra Antiqua is focused on producing quality products and providing complete customer satisfaction. The ISO9001 Quality System Certificate obtained in 2006, thanks to the commitment of all staff, is proof of Petra Antiqua's commitment to continuous improvement and the company's ability to constantly innovate and improve. Labor standards and procedures are represented by written instructions to which all employees and collaborators of the company can refer.


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