Treemme Rubinetterie

1968 –
To sum up its essence in a few words, the company Treemme Rubinetterie, originally called “Rubinetterie Toscane 3M”, was founded in Asciano, in the state of Siena: the company was founded by 3 founding members (Renato Michelangioli, Armando Medina and Guido Mencarelli) – surname shares the same initial – in Tuscany manufactures faucets and faucets. The company developed rapidly, thanks to the entire faucet manufacturing process (casting, electroplating, polishing, finishing and assembly) and the outstanding organization that would seal its success from day one. Consumers would soon notice and appreciate the meticulous approach to quality and customer service.

1980 –
The company has launched its range in color, thanks to the valuable collaboration with the studio DESIGN CALONACI & GAZZEI, which designed the Arcobaleno (Rainbow) collection.

1989 –
During the internationalization phase, the company changed its name to Rubinetterie 3M (without the word “toscane”) and later to Treemme Rubinetterie, gaining ground not only in Italy but also overseas.

The company Treemme Rubinetterie has also been very successful in design lately, focusing more on the personalization and innovation of its products, without neglecting its classic and more traditional lines. Well-known design studios were tasked with developing new forms and ideas, for example: architect Missanelli for QUADRA, American designer Remi Theberg for BRIDGE and G. Vegni Design studio for the newer CUT, PAO and BLOK series; the latter was awarded the prestigious DESIGN PLUS 2007 award at the ISH fair in Frankfurt.

Treemme Rubinetterie

Forty years after its establishment, Treemme Rubinetterie continues to propose new collections from the traditional to the more innovative lines, while retaining the features that allow it to evolve and evolve: high quality and impeccable service.

Ürünlerinin menşeine öncelik veren şirket, İtalya’daki tedarikçilerini özenle seçiyor ve üretiminin %80’ini kendi bünyesinde gerçekleştiriyor. Ürünler tamamen İtalya’da üretilmektedir.

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