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Ceramicas Aparici, represents the highest production quality and innovative design. This family business is top notch. ceramic and porcelainsIt acts as a driving force for the development and trends of the entire industry and is present worldwide.

The success of our manufacturing brand is based on a principle that has been successful for more than fifty years, namely that our products should never be viewed solely as a building material, but also as an interior and your architectural design excellent qualitative and aesthetic standards, which is seen as an indispensable part.

in the 1940s Maximiano Apariciimportant since the sixteenth century ceramic Known for its tradition, he started producing handmade red bodied bizcocho tiles in a small oven in the Spanish town of Alcora. These tiles were produced with the local red clay that was used at the time and are still used today and were later sold to glass studios who would apply color and pattern to the unglazed surfaces.

Twenty years later Maximiano made tiles in his own kiln. Aparici, together with his wife, founded Ceramicas Aparici in 1961. First Ceramicas Aparici his factory was his proud achievement; however it was a small factory, but including the final glazing process, it gave him the chance to start the production of tiles using the bicottura or double firing technique that he had not been able to do before.

More than fifty years and three generations later Ceramicas Aparici, has grown into a company exporting to more than 140 countries worldwide and different production facilities in and around the town of Alcora. The essence and values of our company still remain the legacy of Maximiano Aparici.

Accessory Group aspect Aparici We offer the products of the company to our customers in our Iraq showrooms. Aparici ceramics

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