Il Paralume Marina not only produces, it creates. Design and innovation, research and development meet the working techniques of the greatest Italian masters. The combination of brass, Italian crystal, Murano glass, silk and organza fabrics is embellished with Swarovski Elements.

The story of the company IL PARALUME MARINA is based on a shared passion for decorative Italian lighting by the wives of Ferronato-Simoncello in 1987. started as a small family business. In the following years, sons? Thomas and Simone sell their products internationally all over the world. they provided more impetus in marketing and at the high technical design levels of the lights themselves, respectively.

30 successes in the year, often? works? International tour to ?Il Paralume Marina? gained a reputation and this brand has become a representation of creativity and creativity combined with the high quality of Made in Italy workmanship. Production, ancient brass fusion techniques, Murano glass? and the blowing of the Italian Crystal and the handmade? It is based on the uniquely recognizable style of the lampshades. Authentic Swarovki crystals, manufacturers ???lt?l? it completes its beauty. Each product is created by hand and with each customer's request in mind.

Il Paralume Marina specializes in the production of tailor made products and you always have to choose from a wide variety of fabrics, embellishments, tassels, brass, crystal and glass colours. they are right. In this way, the Client will always have the opportunity to create something special and unrepeatable, something unique to Him alone, which He can call His own. we give Architects of Il Paralume Marina and designers are ready to create the entire collection for any ambiance, from chandeliers to spotlights, bathroom accessories and curtain rods. Whether it's a detached house or a luxury hotel, we can meet any demand. In fact, there are many high-end hotels and residences, villas and castles around the world on the list of completed projects.

Passion, dedication and attention to detail bring Ms. Marina's workshop to life. Geleneksel manuel süreçlerin yan? s?ra modern teknolojiler, tamamen benzersiz ve yüksek kaliteli, %100 Made in Italy bir ürün elde eder. The constant search for fabrics and ornaments. and its innovation, Il Paraluma Marina. Leading in creating bespoke products.


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